Womens Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

Women's Lacrosse Goalie Gloves
So you need some goalie gloves ay? Well you came to the right place.

Women's lacrosse goalies use the same gloves as men's goalies do. Good goalie gloves are needed for protection of the fingers and hand. As a goalie, you put yourself at the risk of getting hit in the thumb by a fast moving lacrosse ball. Below are some gloves I personally recommend.

STX Lacrosse Women's Sultra Goalie Glove
Although I said Goalie gloves for men's and women's lacrosse, this is the exception. The STX Lacrosse Women's Sultra Goalie Glove has thinner fingers to provide a better fit for Women goalies. There is padding on the back of the glove and also at the top of the thumb. The thumb padding allows for increased mobility in the thumb. One downside of the Sultra Goalie Glove is the thumb padding. After a while (one year) of daily use, the thumb pad seams to fall out. The STX Lacrosse Women's Goalie Glove is better for a player needing a smaller…

Crucial Exercises for Lacrosse Goalies

Exercises For Lacrosse Goal Keepers 1. Squats
Squats work many muscles throughout your leg. These muscles are crucial for goalies to be able to hold their position while in the goal and also explode towards the ball. Start by squatting without additional weight and work your way up to adding the amount of weight you feel comfortable with. Try to do 2-3 reps of 25 without weight. This number can be lowered once weight is added.
2. Agility Ladder  Since you are in the goal, you do not need to have the fastest mile on the team, but you should be able to move the quickest around a 6ft goal. Working on the agility ladder often can help us achieve this quickness we all desire. You can find a specific workout here.
3. Pushups Pushups work your chest, shoulders, and biceps. These muscles are crucial for goalies. You must hold your stick up for 50 minute games and be able to use your muscles to get you stick to the ball as fast as possible. Goalies also use their arm muscles to throw the ball…

Being a Women's Lacrosse Goalie

Hello fellow laxers!

Being in the goal is a hard position. You must be mentally and physically strong. Fighting to keep a small ball out of a six foot by six foot goal; Remaining Calm after a ball does go in and being prepared for the next shot.

Nevertheless being a lacrosse goalie is rewarding. The rush of excitement after you make a game winning save. Your team members rushing to you after an exhausting game. Hearing, "good game goalie" as you walk past all your opponents.

If you are thinking about becoming a women's lacrosse goalie I urge you to get in the goal and try it out. See if you like that aspect of the game, and if you do, keeping with it.

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